MattPUCI am a passionate teacher who finds ways to motivate students while sharing my love for music. I have been teaching as long as I have been playing, and I am still finding new ways to talk about and teach music. I graduated from Temple University with a master’s degree in clarinet performance in 2011, and have been continuing to pursue my love of performing and teaching since. I have had the opportunity of performing in many different places in the Northeast US, such as Carnegie Hall in New York City and Verizon Hall in Philadelphia, and in concert halls around the San Francisco Bay area, and also in various venues in Italy and China.


My teaching experience began while instructing students at my father’s studio back home in Ohio. I was still in high school, but I was helping the young kids starting off on piano and guitar. Moving onto college and working with older kids, at the middle and high school level, I gained more experience on how to motivate them through music. For the past five years, I have taught clarinet and saxophone privately. I continue to play and teach piano and guitar and am always looking for eager young students to pass along the knowledge that I have so I can teach them how to express music on their own.

Lesson Style

I tailor my teaching style to my individual students. It is important to understand how the student learns in order to have them fully understand technique and musical concepts. I also like to keep a light hearted attitude while still conveying a stern important sense of consistent practice on the student’s instrument. Music is fun! And I try to always have the students enjoy what they play.

Methods Used

For students starting off on any instrument, I try to MattKindergartenfind a balance of developing technique, along with finding music that they enjoy playing. Basic technique and theory are a must when learning any instrument. I like to start off in a standard exercise book while finding solos to perform or play throughout the development of technique. Learning how to play an instrument and learning how to play music are two closely related ideas, but still separate from each other. I look to develop both at an equal pace.